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TJ Müller

T.J. Müller, who was born in the United Kingdom and opened shows for Pokey LaFarge, now resides in St. Louis, MO.  After moving to St. Louis and spending several years touring with LaFarge, Müller set off on his own path. He played traditional jazz in a series of local bands and began teaching music lessons on the side. Proficient on a variety of horns (cornet, trumpet, trombone), he began to sharpen his chops on the banjo. He can also comfortably front a group on vocals.  Today the soft-spoken Englishman is married and living in Benton Park.

Among Müller’s St. Louis bands are occasional groups like the old-timey Scrubby Dutch Jug Band and acts that he joins as a sideman, such as Miss Jubilee & The Humdingers. Other bands in which he plays include The Gaslight Squares, The Sidney Street Shakers and The St. Louis Banjo Club.  The Gaslight Squares dives into the songs of the early 20th century and regularly features talented guest artists. The Sidney Street Shakers, a large ensemble led by Müller and Kelly Everett, mine the music of early St. Louis. Müller is a regular in The St. Louis Banjo Club.

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