Templeton Note Cards


    1. Boston Trot
    2. Kitten on the Keys
    3. Carolina Shout
    4. Charleston Rag
    5. Black and White Rag
    6. Nickel in the Slot
    7. Pianoflage
    8. Spring Fever
    9. Doll Dance
    10. Virginia Creeper
    11. Original Rags
    12. Handful of Keys
    13. Fingerbuster
    14. Estelle
    15. Snowflakes
    16. Pork & Beans
    17. Lily Rag
    18. 12th Street Rag
    19. The Pearls
    20. Poodle Rag
    21. Two Dollar Rag
    22. Lightning Fingers
    23. Solid Ivory
    24. Crazy Otto
    25. Oriental Blues


Capturing a turn-of-the-century transition to the “modern” era, a new Mississippi State University note card set is drawing from a unique collection of antique sheet music.

Made available by Mitchell Memorial Library, the Charles H. Templeton Sheet Music Note Cards replicate artwork represented in some of the more than 20,000 pieces of sheet music donated to the university by the late Starkville businessman.

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Weight 8 oz