Past Festivals


Featuring Richard Dowling, Ivory&Gold®, Scott Kirby, and Dave Majchrzak, with Jeff Barnhart as Artistic Director


Featuring Mimi Blais, Martin Spitznagel, Virginia Tichenor, and Stephanie Trick, with Jeff Barnhart as Artistic Director


In 2007, the concert series was expanded and renamed as the Charles Templeton Ragtime Music Festival. The concert featured Jeff Barnhart, Mimi Blais, Neville Dickie, Tracy Doyle, David Jasen, Sue Keller, David Reffkin, Virginia Tichenor, and Richard Zimmerman.

2006 & earlier

Prior to 2006, the Festival was called “In Ragged Time: An Encounter with American Ragtime Music.” This three-part series featured pianist Richard Zimmerman and the Etcetera String Band, and was presented by the Mississippi State University Television Center in cooperation with The Department of Music Education and The Templeton Museum.